NLOS Wireless Video Transmitter

Key Features
  • Using TDD(Time Division Duplexing)time division duplex technology
  • It can transmit video, audio and data in a non - sight - distance mobile environment.
  • To achieve point to point or point to multipoint two-way data transmission to meet high quality audio, video and data,
  • It can be used for unmanned vehicles, unmanned aerial vehicles, field observation stations, outskirts factories, stations, sites and other applications with the headquarters of the network.

Technical parameters

Model SV-TD912A
Working frequency 300MHz~350MHz,Custom
Modulation mode TDD
RF power 5W
Channel bandwidth 5/10MHz
Time delay ≤300ms
Receiving sensitivity -92dBm
Transmission mode full duplex
Data protocol TCP/IP
Stream 2Mbps~8Mbps
Transmission distance 1~10Km(NLOS),5~30Km(LOS)
RF interface N-K/UHF
Data interface RJ45
Power DC12V
Power waste 30W
Size specification 182×116×45 mm (L×W×H)
Weight 1.3kg

System list
Transceiver*2 Antenna*2
Power cord*2  

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