Mini Cofdm HDMI Wireless Videotransmitter System

Product Description
Small in size & light in weight,Easy to carry (hide, disguise)
It has strong anti-interference ability and non line of sight diffraction ability
HD 1080P Clear Video quality
Use COFDM ( Coded Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiplexing:Coded orthogonal frequency division multiplexing
The real time image is clear and fluent
It is suitable for integrated applications of aerial image, aerial mapping, power inspection, unmanned vehicle, robot and other wireless image real-time transmission field.
COFDM anti-electromagnetic interference performance
Excellent against frequency selective fading or narrowband interference and interference between signal waveforms. It has strong anti-fading capability through joint coding of each subcarrier.In a single carrier system (eg digital microwave, spread spectrum microwave, etc.), a single fading or interference can cause the entire communication link to fail, but in a multi-carrier COFDM system, only a small fraction of the subcarriers are subject to interference, and these The channel can also use error correction code for error correction to ensure low error rate of transmission.

COFDM anti-multipath fading performance
Can effectively combat interference between signal waveforms, suitable for high-speed data transmission in multipath environments and fading channels.When frequency selective fading occurs in the channel due to multipath transmission, only the subcarriers that fall in the band recess and the information carried by them are affected, and the other subcarriers are not damaged, so the overall BER performance of the system is better. 
Model SV-H681P
Working frequency 300MHz~800MHz,Frequency customization
RF power 35dBm
Channel bandwidth 6/7/8MHz
FEC 1/2,2/3,3/4,5/6,7/8
Protection interval 1/32,1/16,1/8,1/4
Stream 2Mbps~16Mbps
Time delay 300ms
bit error rate ≤10-6
Transmission distance Ground sight distance1KM,Air-to-ground30KM
Audio interface HDMI
Encryption method AES128
Power DC12V
Size specification 108*107*45mm
Weight 950g
Working frequency 300MHz~860MHz
Channel bandwidth 4/6/8MHz
Sensitivity -97dBm@8MHz
Modulation mode COFDM
radio frequency interface SMA
Video  Output CH HDMI,CH CVBS
Image 1920*1080P
Image frame 24,25,30fps
Power DC12V@0.3A
Size specification 115*75*25mm