Electro Opticaletic+RF Inhibitor Security Camera Anti-Uav-System

Key Features
  • Visible light and infrared thermal imaging cooperate with each other to switch freely, and realize the detection, early warning and confirmation of flying targets all day long.
  • Advanced tracking algorithm, make full use of hardware performance, realize fast calculation, and realize intelligent operation such as target detection and tracking with high efficiency.
  • Detection distance: 100-1000m, support multi-band interference, 24 hours continuous uninterrupted operation.
Technical parameters
Model SDT-9600U
Len 55X optics(10-550mm)
Image illuminance Starlight level (colour:0.002lux@30 IRE F1.6, B/W:0.0002Lux@30IRE F1.6 Switching sense IR)
Image coding 1920*1080
Image frame rate 25/30fps
Image fog Optical fog penetration
Tracking process auto zoom Support, radar distance information driven
Thermal Imaging
type Uncooled detector
focal length 25-210mm
Pixel 640*512
Image coding 1280*1024
Image frame rate 25/30fps
Tracking process auto zoom Support, radar distance information driven
control accuracy ±0.02°
Horizontal track range 360° continuous infinite rotation
Vertical track range -45°~+70°
Horizontal max speed 0.05°~60°/s
Pitch max speed 0.05°~45°/s
Track function
Target discovery Automatic, radar or spectrum direction guidance
Target lock Automatic or manual
target track Automatic
Deep learning tracking Optional support
Day/night tracking switch Automatic
Max speed of tracking target 20M/S
RF Inhibitor(Optional)
Frequency Range 1.5G/2.4G/5.8G,Customizable
Inhibitor power Single band power30-80W,Optional
Beam size Sector coverage area 20º
Inhibitordistance 1000-1500m
control mode Manual, optional automatic
Mount mode Top load of pan tilt
Access photovoltaic system RS422 protocol,Can be redeveloped
Power supply of Inhibitor DC48V 7A ,Independent power supply
Other performance
Radar access Support, or secondary development
Spectrum access Support, or secondary development
Platform control protocol SDK available
Radar/spectrum access method UDP/ RS422
Image network transmission protocol Onvif/GB T2818 optional
Physical characteristics
Power supply DC24V 10A
Lightning protection level 6KV
weight 70KG
Size(W*H*L) 559*676*500 mm
Protection level IP66
operation temperature -10ºC~60ºC
Equipment matching
Cyber Shield Systems Provide(Without server hardware)
Terminal Server Provide
Rack-mounted power supply Provide
Packing kit Warranty card, instruction manual, debugging tool kit