Dual Lens Tracking PTZ Camera for Education

● High-quality HD CMOS sensor with 1/3.0-inch, 200 effective pixel can achieve high resolution of 1920x1080p high-resolution
Output frame rate can reach up to FPS
While ensuring high resolution, focus is on the demand for the fluidity of the screen
● Low noise, high signal-to-noise ratio
● Feel of ultra clear, multi levels graphics
● Broadband exposure dynamic control algorithm, so that screen exposure evenly, strong sense of hierarchy
● 20X optical zoom
Fast, accurate and stable automatic focusing lens can achieve 20X optical zoom
● Full HD multi format video output
Rich and sophisticated interface
HDMI signal and broadcast level 3G SDI interface are provided. In particular, 3G SDI interface supports 1080p/60 HD digital video transmission over single coaxial cable for nearly 100 meters
Supports 1080p/60/50/30/25, 1080I60/50, 720P60/50 and other high-definition video system
● Rs232 c/RS485 control mode (VISCA protocol/PELCO-d/PELCO-p)
Conventional RS-232 and RS485 can be used to control all the settings of the camera for remote high-speed communication
● Wide range, high-speed, low noise shift/pitch operation
Driven by precision stepper motor, operation is very quiet and smooth
Can move rapidly to the designated position and take wide range of shooting
● Infrared remote control signal transmission
Can not only receiving special remote control signals of their own, but also be able to receive the user video conferencing terminal infrared remote control signal, upload it to the video conference terminal through the serial port, instead of the infrared users of video conference terminal receiving opening, so that user terminals can be placed in the background
● Multi-function remote control
Equipped with easy to operate remote control, in addition to the basic settings, as well as the level, pitch, zoom and other control, you can also tune the menu through the remote controller to set the camera related parameters


Name  Instructional tracking HD camera
Camera, lens parameters 
Image sensor 1/2.8" high-quality HD CMOS sensor
Horizontal resolution 16:9, 210 million valid pixels
Video formats 1080p/60/50/30/25, 1080I/60/50, 720p/60/50
Lens change 20x optical zoom, 12 x digital zoom   
F=4.7 - 94mm
Perspective 2.9° (narrow angle) 55.4° (wide-angle)
Minimum illumination 1.0lux
White balance Automatic/indoor/outdoor/manual
Focus Automatic/manual
Aperture Automatic/manual
Shutter Automatic
S/N ratio >52
Input/output interface 
High definition video interface HDMI, HD-SDI (3G)/panoramic camera HD-SDI (3G)
Control signal interface 8-pin mini DIN
Control signal format Start bit: 1bit
Data bit: 8bit
Stop bit: 1bit
Baud rate: 9600/4800/2400bps
Power interface HEC3800 power supply socket
network interface RJ45
Conventional parameter  
Horizontal rotation: ±170°
Pitching rotation: -30 to +90°
Speed (H): 0.1-100°/S
Speed (V): 0.1-60°/S
Preset bit rate: (H) 100°/s
(V): 50°/s
Preset bit rate: 0.05°
Preset bits: 255 preset position can be set by a user
Colors White, black (optional)
Power adapter 110-220V AC turn 2V DC/2A
input voltage 12V DC (11.5-12.5V DC)
Power waste 18W (maximum)
Storage temperature -10 to +60°C
working temperature 0 to +45°C
Size 155x186x172mm
Weight 1000g
Using environment-friendly Indoor
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