Smart 4G/Network Video Alarm Control Panel
Video Alarm Panel

Key Features
  • 4 CH H.265/H.264 HD IPC access
  • 1080P/720p/WD1/4CIF/DCIF/2CIF/CIF/QCI resolution video recording and supports PTZ control
  • 8 on-board wired defense zones, 1 relay output, 1 alarm output, 1 lamp row/lamp box output 
  • Alarm Linkage Video Review
  • Video motion detection, video occlusion, video loss, 30s (2M bit stream, full frame rate) delay preview, time delay configurable 
  • Panel anti-disassembly alarm, detector anti-disassembly alarm
  • 8 wireless devices (remote control + wireless detector), the longest remote control distance 100M
  • 1 CH RS485 interface
  • Capacity 2T SATA 3.5 inch, local video storage
  • Built-in battery position, real-time monitoring of battery voltage, automatic switching of main and auxiliary power supply
  • Alarm output, keyboard power supply, auxiliary power supply anti-backconnection and over-current protection,Maximum Auxiliary Output 1A (DC 12V)
  • Network/4G Automatic Fast Switching(Wired broadband priority)
  • Supporting 4G wireless routing mode
  • Support the transmission of alarm and video data through network, 3G/4G
  • Video 0.5 S push, platform automatic pop-up window
  • Cloud Backup of Alarm Video,Pushing toward the center:1-15 s before alarm,5-300 seconds after alarm,Whole video stream(notes:The length of video stream after alarm can be customized)
  • Support hard disk automatic dormancy (when power is off, hard disk stops working, prolongs alarm duration) can be set
  • Supporting Haikang, Private Agreement and ONVIF 2.4 Standard Public Agreement
  • With matched resistance, no external resistance is required.
  • It has 5 network ports (supporting routing mode: 1 WAN port, 4 LAN ports; switch mode: 5 LAN ports)
  • Panel comes with a loudspeaker (voice Anti-alarm prompt, alarm prompt)
  • Support the fault of defense area, automatic bypass (Panel continuously detects 3 times and uploads platform alarm, automatic bypass of defense area, automatic failure of bypass after withdrawal of defense, platform prompts fault of defense area after 6 hours)
  • Support Mobile Tool APP, Browser, Special Tool Software
  • Mobile video APP preview, playback, shouting, mobile phone decommissioning and defense independent channel, does not affect the bandwidth of cloud server
  • Support 2000 alarm event records, 500 operation event records, 500 user management operation records, support remote search and query event logs
  • Support remote upgrade (without changing the original settings), remote import and export configuration parameters
  • Support the setting of the deployment and evacuation time from Monday to Sunday
  • Supporting electrical fire early warning equipment (can be docked with third-party voltage, current, residual current, temperature detection and alarm)
Professional digital video intelligent control Panel  is a multi-functional alarm video control integrated Panel, which integrates alarm input and output, digital video processing in the defense area. It is mainly used in financial, public security, judicial, transportation, culture, education, health, energy, building and other industries, and can cooperate with platform software, video surveillance subsystem, access control subsystem and other linkage.

Technical parameters

Product name Video Alarm Panel(HC-408)
Alarm Panel parameters
Alarm input 8CH
Alarm output 3CH
Horn power supply DC12V/1.2A
External power supply DC12V/1A
Information Transport Port 1CH RS-485
Anti-removal switch 1CH Supporting anti-demolition alarm
Timely deployment/evacuation Support (Daily Plan, Priority Plan)
Detector anti-demolition alarm Support
Mobile phone APP Support alarm push, video preview, video playback, remote deployment/evacuation, SOS rescue, defense area programming and other functions
Number of wireless devices 8CH(The longest wireless distance is 100 meters)
Video/Audio parameters
Video input 4CH DH IPC H.265/H.264
Network bandwidth 25Mbps
Video Resolution 1080p/720p/WD1/4CIF/DCIF/2CIF/CIF/QCIF
Synchronous playback 4 CH
Delay Preview Default 30s delay time configurable
Video review 300s video (15 seconds before and after alarm) configurable
Video/Graphics Manual Video, Timing Video, Mobile Detection Video, Alarm Video
Playback mode Real-time playback, regular playback, event playback
Hard disk information 1 SATA interface (maximum 2T) 3.5 inch
Wireless parameters
SIM/UIM Card slot 1CH
SMA Antenna interface 1CH
Network protocol NTP;SADP;PPPoE;DHCP
Support protocol Private cloud
Interface protocol Private cloud
Interface and appearance
Network port 5CH RJ45 10M/100M adaptive
Battery Spare interface 1CH
RS485 1CH
Power supply 100-240VAC,47--63HZ
Consumption ≤8W(without hard disks and batteries hard disk, without hard disks and batteries, external power supply)
Working temperature and humidity -10℃-- +55℃,10%-- 90%
Chassis Wall mounted
Full integration size(mm) 305*280*80
Weight 3.5Kg(without hard disks and batteries)
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