COFDM HDMI Wireless Video Transmitter

Key Features

  • The machine is small in size and light in weight
  • Easy to carry (hide, disguise)
  • It has strong anti-interference ability and non line of sight diffraction ability
  • Low delay ≤200ms
  • Thesystem adopts H.264 digital video coding standardClear picture to HD 1080p effect
  • Use COFDM(Coded Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiplexing:Coded orthogonal frequency division multiplexing)
  • Diversity dual antenna reception, so that the real-time image clearer and smoother
  • Applicable to the scene of the scene to monitor the car and other places. The volumesmall may do to camouflage equipment forensics, air operations, UAV image transmission wireless image transmission.

COFDM anti-electromagnetic interference performance:
Excellent against frequency selective fading or narrowband interference and interference between signal waveforms. It has strong anti-fading capability through joint coding of each subcarrier.In a single carrier system (eg digital microwave, spread spectrum microwave, etc.), a single fading or interference can cause the entire communication link to fail, but in a multi-carrier COFDM system, only a small fraction of the subcarriers are subject to interference, and these The channel can also use error correction code for error correction to ensure low error rate of transmission.

COFDM anti-multipath fading performance:
Can effectively combat interference between signal waveforms, suitable for high-speed data transmission in multipath environments and fading channels.When frequency selective fading occurs in the channel due to multipath transmission, only the subcarriers that fall in the band recess and the information carried by them are affected, and the other subcarriers are not damaged, so the overall BER performance of the system is better.

Technical parameters
Model SV-CF708
Working frequency 300MHz~2400MHz,Frequency customization
RF power ≤30dBm,1dB Stepping
Channel bandwidth 2/3/4/5/6/7/8MHz Stepping
Modulated constellation QPSK,QAM16,QAM64 Adjustable
FEC 1/2,2/3,3/4,5/6,7/8
Protection interval 1/32,1/16,1/8,1/4
Stream 2Mbps~12Mbps
Time delay ≤200ms
Compressed format H.264
Transmission distance Ground sight distance≥2KM,Air-to-ground≥20KM,NLOS≥900M
Audio-Video Interface Mini HDMI,CVBS
Data interface Downlink transparent transmission,Baud rate:115200bps
Image HD1080P/,I,720P,SD
Image frame 24,50,60/S,Compatible with other frame rates
Power DC12V
Power consumption Max 14W
Size specification L92*W74.5*H25.5mm
Weight 160g
Working frequency 300MHz~860MHz,Frequency customization
Channel bandwidth 2/3/4/5/6/7/8MHz Stepping
Sensitivity 2MHz:-103dBm;2.5MHz:-102dBm;4MHz:-100dBm;8MHz:-97dBm
Receiving technology Spatial diversity technique
Receiving polarization Vertical polarization, dual antenna reception
Compressed format H.264
Audio-Video Interface 1 CH HDMI,2 CH Audio/video BNC
Data interface Downlink transparent transmission,Baud rate:115200bps
Network port RTSP video stream
USB Video storage
Image HD1080P,720P,480P,SD
Image frame 24,50,60/S,Compatible with other frame rates
Power supply DC9V-15V
Size specification 114*89*34mm
Notes:The receiver can customize the standard 1U chassis, portable and so on according to the customer's requirements.

Technical parameters
Micro Transmitter*1 Receiver*1
Transmitter power cord*1 Receiver power cord*1
Transmitting Antenna*1 Receive Antenna*2
Antenna suction cup*2  

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