3KM Detection distance Counter UAV Radar

Key Features
  • 3D mechanical scanning radar, Multi group Sum beam Difference beam.
  • Improves the "low small slow" target detection capability while reducing the radar's transmit power at the same discovery distance.
  • Distinguish between ground and air targets.
  • Can work around the clock in harsh environments.
  • Multi-point operating frequency, using the same-frequency interference suppression technology to avoid co-channel interference.
Technical parameters
Model Rada-01B
Wave band Ku
Process technology chirp
Scan method Azimuth machine scan+Euler frequency scan
Weight ≤18kg
Size 570×375×210(mm)
Power consumption ≤160W
Basic detection performance
Display range 0.075~20km
Azimuth angle 0°-360° scan
Euler angles 0°-40°
Measurement dimension Distance / Azimuth angle / Euler angles / Speed
Detection distance
Mini UAV (RCS=0.01m²) 3Km
Detection accuracy
Distance accuracy ≤8m
Azimuth accuracy ≤0.8°
Euler accuracy ≤0.6°
Resolving power
Detection Resolvingpower ≤20m
Azimuth Resolving power ≤2.5°
Euler Resolving power ≤5°
Data process capacity
Track method TWS / continuous track
Number of track targets No less than 200
Map data Stackable map

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