Face Temperature Measurement Screening System

Diagram And System Topology

Thermometric Bispectral Thermal Imaging


This series of binocular cylindrical network cameras integrates full-high-definition visible imaging, passive infrared thermal imaging detector, thermal lens and high-definition video coding services. Based on the principle of thermal radiation imaging, the thermal image data information of thermal imaging camera field of view can be accessed by FPGA, which can realize non-target objects and space areas. Contact temperature measurement can structure and visualize the full-screen temperature information of the image, and realize the unified coding of thermal imaging and visible light images under the same SOC. It can access video private network with single IP or virtual dual IP. Infrared thermal imaging channel is not affected by the environmental line, so it can detect and visualize the target 24 hours a day and night in bad fog and haze weather, zero illumination, all-weather and so on. The product structure is made of aluminium alloy die casting, which has beautiful shape and unique heat dissipation design to ensure the stability of long-term work.

Users can choose lenses with different focal lenses according to the use scenarios, which is very suitable for all-weather video surveillance occasions requiring small-scale thermal imaging detection under indoor and outdoor, harbor, unattended base station, power facilities, museums, banks, warehouses and oilfields. It can provide reliable all-weather imaging (no light/back light/strong light, rain/snow/fog, etc.) for indoor and industrial automation monitoring, and can realize the overall solution of heat source detection, temperature detection and over-temperature early warning in these monitoring scenarios.

Bispectral All-weather Imaging

The integration of visible and infrared thermal imaging adapts to various severe weather conditions. In the areas of dark night, insufficient light, low contrast, direct sunlight, Bush and jungle, bad weather conditions such as rain, snow, smoke and haze can be effectively imaged.

High Definition Image Imaging and Coding

Fully real-time 1080P high-resolution visible image and 960P resolution thermal image are provided. Supporting H.265/H.264/MJPEG compression, based on dynamic ROI and other video compression optimization technology, built-in gamma compensation, color enhancement and digital detail enhancement (DDE) engine, providing excellent high-definition video images and fine image details.

Integral protection of abundant interfaces

Integrated fuselage, providing power supply, network, alarm input and output, audio output, memory card interface; integrated network port anti-static, lightning protection; power supply anti-reverse connection, lightning protection, short circuit protection; fuselage protection level IP66.

Rich Compatibility and Matching

This camera product can provide Onvif, GB/T 28181 protocol compatibility, SDK development kit and CMS management platform system.


Support: Full screen or point temperature measurement, line temperature measurement, rectangular area, irregular area temperature measurement.

Number of Temperature Measurement Areas

It supports full-screen temperature measurement in 64 areas with 1 or 16 points, 16 lines, 16 Regular areas and 16 irregular areas, and supports English naming of each area.

Regional Temperature Display Model

Point temperature measurement: is the only timely temperature data;
Regional temperature measurement is: full-screen or regional minimum temperature, maximum temperature, average temperature three data are displayed separately in time.

Temperature Measurement Distance

According to the scene, 13mm, 19mm infrared focal lens and 1-30m range temperature measurement are selected.

Temperature Monitoring Range and Accuracy

First class: - 20 -- + 150 --; accuracy: + 2% range;
Second gear: -40 --+350 and accuracy: +5%.

Intelligent Application of Warning Based on Heat Source (Temperature) Detection

High and low temperature abnormal alarm, differential temperature alarm and other early warning mechanisms;
Integrated micro-intelligent engine supports intelligent motion detection, sensor linkage alarm, cross-line and cross-border detection, area intrusion detection, real-time visual evaluation and visual alarm recognition, area intrusion, providing all-weather motion detection and clear and transparent moving images. This function is optional.

Model No. SVT-2201T
Type Temperature-measuring Thermal Imaging binocular cylindrical integrated network camera
Visible Light Camera
Focal Length 8mm
Image Sensor Sony High Performance CMOS
Image Resolution Full HD/1080P
Maximum frame rate 25/30fps
Minimum Illumination Colour:0.002Lux @(F1.5,AGC ON), ICR ON;B/W:0.01 Lux @(F1.5,AGC ON), ICR OFF
WDR Support
Day and Night Mode Auto/Color/Black and White
3D Noise Digital Noise Reduction
3A Auto Control Automatic White Balance, Automatic Gain, Automatic Exposure AWB/AGC/AE
BLC Support
HLC Support
Thermal Imaging Camera
Detector Type uncooled vanadium oxide focal plane detector
Image Size 336x256; optional 640x512
Pixel 17μm
Spectral Range 7.5~13.5μm
Thermal Sensitivity (NETD) <50 mK @ f/1.0
Thermal Lens 13mm, 19mm Optional
Palette White heat, black heat, iron red and other thermal imaging pseudo-color options
Detection Distance Person:1-30 meters(* Person: 1.8 m * 0.5 m, detection distance depends on the selected lens, laboratory data)
Video Image
Video Compression Standard H.265 / H.264 / MJPEG
Audio Compression Standard G.711(ALAW)/MP2 /G.711(MULAN)
Maximum Image Resolution Visiblelight:1080P (1920x1080), Thermal imaging: 1.3MP (1280x960)
Image Effects Rotation and mirroring, Custom Image Mode
OSD Multi-zone intelligent OSD, which support multi-line national standard characters. The font size, color and position can be customized.
Accurate Temperature Measurement Support full-screen temperature measurement;There are 16 points, 16 lines, 16 Regular areas
Temperature Measurement Accuracy ±2 degreesorrange± 2%
Heat Source Detection Support
Temperature Abnormal Alarm Temperature Increment Alarm and Differential Temperature Alarm
Intelligent Detection Intelligent Motion Detection, Region Invasion Detection, Cross-border Detection, Entry Area Detection, Leave Area Detection, etc.External Sensor Linkage
Intelligent Coding Supports Low Bit Rate and Low Delay Adaptive Coding
Dynamic ROI Dynamic Region of Interest (ROI) Settings to Support Fixed Region Settings or Dynamic Tracking
Intelligent Alarm Network Disconnection Detection, IP Conflict Detection, Storage Card Status Detection, Storage Space Detection
Other Functions one-click recovery of factory settings, anti-flicker, three-bit stream, heartbeat, image rotation, privacy coverage, watermarking technology, access port settings
Compatibility Protocol ONVIF, GB/T 28181
Security Mode Password protection, multi-level user access rights
User Maintenance Can be upgraded remotely through the network to achieve remote maintenance
Log management Supports log management, operation log, alarm log, abnormal log record and query
API integration Supports micro SDHC/SDXC, TF card offline storage (selection), storage of video clips and snapshots (selection), with the back-end platform to achieve secondary intelligent retrieval, analysis and playback of event video.
Communication Interface 1 Ch RJ45 10M/100M Adaptive Ethernet Port
Power Interface DC12V 2.1 Direct Interpolation
Others Alarm input and output, audio, SD card interface, etc.
Working Temperature -30℃~+60℃
Environmental Humidity Less than 90% RH (no condensation)
Electrostatic/Surge protection TVS6000V lightning protection, surge protection and surge protection, in line with GB/T17626.5 four-level standards
Protection Level IP66
Power Supply DC12V + 10%
Power About 10W
Dimension (mm) L150 x W85 x H98 (excluding shades and brackets),L173 x W97 x H103 (with shade, without bracket)
Weight About 980g, depending on the selection
Thermographic Len Selection of Various Thermographic Detection Lens
Standard wall Mounted Bracket MK-WMB/48, bracket mounted at the bottom

Dimension (Unit : mm)

Thedesign of product appearance and specifications is subject to change without prior notice. Please refer to the actual product.

Body Temperature Screening Black Box

  • High Emissivity Aviation Coating Target Plane
  • Top Intelligent Temperature Control instruments
  • The Target Surface With Good Uniformity & High Precision
  • Simple Setting; Rapid Heating &Temperature Control

Model No. SVT-BR100
Working Condition 40. 0'C (Circumstance Temperature) +5'C~50. 0"C Adjustable)
Effective Radiant Surface 70m*70m
Temperature Resolution 0. 1C
Accuracy ±0.2C (PO)
Stability ±(0.1~0. 2)"C/h
Effective Emissivity 0. 97±0.02
Power Supply 220VAC 50Hz
Temperature/Humidity 0℃~30℃ / ≤80%RH
Net Weight 1.15kg
Dimension W120mm* H127mum* D174mm

Dimension (Unit : mm)

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