AI intelligent temperature measuring robot
Product Features:
Medical-grade thermal imaging    
Multi-person non-contact temperature measurement
High-level accurate monitoring
High-definition advertising information
Fast mobile deployment
Date management records
Non-contact automatic body temperature detection, high-precision infrared human body temperature collection while brushing the face, fast and efficient;
Used for long-distance human body temperature detection 2~5m
Accurate forehead temperature algorithm measurement, filtering the background high temperature influence
Automatically register and record information, avoid manual operation, improve efficiency and reduce missing information;
Support picture and video playback
All temperature measurement non-contact testing to avoid cross-infection
27-inch screen display: on-site judgment, display, voice guidance, easy to view
Voice and animation guidance throughout the temperature measurement process, intelligent prompt system
365 days×24H
Artificial intelligence temperature measurement and detection system
The system is equipped with automatic face recognition and capture, and can detect the thermal temperature of the forehead in milliseconds. The thermal temperature measurement accuracy is 0.2℃. At the same time, SDM60-R has an automatic temperature algorithm based on artificial intelligence technology, without on-site manual intervention. , Can accurately identify and count the number of people passing by, and quickly analyze and display the temperature of individual personnel.
It can monitor a large range of people at the same time. At the same time, it supports temperature measurement of up to 20 people, with millisecond-level response, and quickly finds the higher body temperature in the crowd, marks them in red, and transmits them to the management platform in real time.
1. Medical-grade thermal imaging accurate temperature measurement
Imported infrared thermal imaging temperature measurement element, built-in patented black body real-time temperature calibration technology, the system has automatic face recognition and capture, fast millisecond level detection of forehead thermal temperature, thermal sensing temperature accuracy is medical grade ± 0.3 ℃, the highest accuracy display The temperature value, quickly find out the person whose body temperature exceeds the standard, mark it in red, and transmit it to the management center in real time.
2. Simultaneous rapid temperature measurement by multiple people without sense
It can monitor the temperature of multiple human bodies in a large range of people at the same time, and use the face recognition system with professional optimization algorithms to accurately measure the temperature of multiple people at the same time even when the face is covered by a mask. Multi-person concurrent, high traffic efficiency, no congestion.
Date management records
With automatic face recognition and capture, it can accurately identify and count the number of people passing by, and at the same time quickly analyze the temperature of individual personnel in the background to achieve no sense of passage, Date recording, and well-documented.
Provide attendance data, face recognition, access settings, attendance records, and security monitoring.
Statistical analysis of data, visual display of the numberof enterprise robots, knowledge base questions, VIP faces, and basic functions; the total number of robot answers, the number of voice interactions, and the number of basic functions; statistics on hot issues and unknown issues.
Product parameter
Whole machine structure
length 425.5mm
width 345mm
Universal wheel 3.9in
Driving wheel 85in Rubber wheel
material Steel
weight 21kg
Optimal weight 30kg
Sports mode Push mode or independent automatic walking mode
Obstacle Avoidance Sensor Ultrasonic module*5
IMU Onboard: with MEMS gyroscope, 3-axis accelerometer
Lidar EAI G4*2
Visible Camera
Resolution 1920*1080(2 M>illion Pixels)
Imaging Device 1/2.7inch CMOS
Minimum Illuminance0.01 Lu(Color Mode),0.001Lux(Black and White Mode)
Signal to Noise Ratio >56dB
Resolution 1920*1080(2 M>illion Pixels)
Temperature Measurement
Detector type Uncooled infrared array sensor
Resolution 160X120(384*288)
Pixel Pitch 17μm
NETD ≤60mk(F/1,300K, 50Hz)
Frame Rate 15 Hz
Temperature Measurement Data Output Full Range Temperature Output
People Per Second 200 people in one minute
Detector Type Uncoiled Infrared Array Sensor
Resolution 160X120(384*288)
DC 5.5V  3A
Black body
Effective radiation area 20mm*30mm
Effective emissivity 0.96 ±0.02
temperature range (Ambient temperature+5°C)~(50°C)
Temperature resolution 0.01°C
Temperature stability >±0.1°C/60min
Heating time <2 minute
Temperature measurement camera screen 15.6 inch
Advertising multi-function screen 27 inches (touch or non-touch)
Ad host
CPU RK3399, six-core Cortex-A17, frequency 1.8GHz
Working Environment
Charging Temperature 0~45℃
Discharge temperature -10~60℃
Working Humidity 30%~70%
Power Connector 14V、12V
Hardware Interface Network port, USB port
Software Interface SDK development kit
Communication Method
communication method WiFi+4/5G

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