304stainless HD Security Rotation Camera, Explosion Proof IP, PTZ Explosion-Proof Camera

Highly integrated explosion-proof pan tilt, explosion-proof decoder, smaller, lighter, more intelligent and advanced functions;

made of stainless steel, integrated and simple design, anti impact window, good shielding and heat dissipation. Explosion proof, dustproof, waterproof and rust proof

three hundred and sixty ° Horizontal rotation, - 5 °~+ ninety ° Vertical movement, all-round monitoring of suspicious targets.

30-100 meters adaptive infrared visible distance, even in the case of poor light can still get high-quality images;

Optical grade high strength and high transmittance ultra white explosion-proof glass, the luminous flux is higher than 96%, and the halo of infrared lamp is completely eliminated;

Nano invisible wiper, not sticky to water, not sticky to oil, repel dust;

RS485 two-level lightning protection;

Focus speed automatic matching, power down memory restart;

Optional semiconductor thyristor temperature control module, realize automatic heating and heat dissipation

Explosion-proof marks Exd 2 CT6Gb/ExtD A21 IP68 T80ºC
Explosion-proof certificate No CNEX15.3652X
Mechanical properties of
Material 304 stainless 
steelSurface treatment Stainless steel primary color, optional electric polishing
Protection grade IP68
Horizontal rotation range 0°~360°
Vertical rotation range -5°~90°
Horizontal speed 1-30°/sec
Vertical speed 1-30°/sec
interface specification G-3/4"
weight ≤10kg
Auto scan 1 (5 items can be set for menu control)
Cruise control  1 (8 items can be set for menu control)
Tracing 1 (200 instructions recorded)
Watch 1 preset position / 1 automatic cruise / 1 automatic scanning / 1 tracing can be set
Maximum load ≤10kg
installation Lift or wall mount
Electrical performance
input voltage AC220V
Camera optional Integrated movement
Working current ≤2000mA
IR Distance 80m/100m
wavelength 850nm
On/off Auto(≤10Lux)
Electrical connection Composite cable [75-3 or 75-5 video cable, power cord]
Automatic mode Automatic cruise or arbitrary setting of two-point patrol range
Preset position 256 Location(Selectable)
Preset position accuracy Automatic error correction
Environment temperature (-30ºC,+70ºC)
Atmospheric pressure 80-106KPa
Relative humidity ≤95%RH(+25ºC)