Tdd-Ofdm Wireless Nlos 50km Transmission Distance Date Image Stream Minitransmitter System

Key Features
  • Point to point and point to multipoint broadband and transparent data transmission equipment.
  • OFDM (Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiplexing).
  • MIMO (Multi-Input & Multi-Output), SDR (Software Defined Radio) and other technologies.
  • Supports multiple bandwidth allocation (1.4/3/5/10/20MHz)
  • Application: UAV, robot image data transmission
  1. Support in-band frequency hopping to reduce interference.
  2. Provide up to 30mbps data stream and adaptive dynamic code stream allocation technology.
  3. Support non line of sight (NLOS) high-speed mobile transmission.
Technical parameters
Model SV-D937L
Working frequency 806-826MHz / 1428-1448MHz
Modulation mode TDD-OFDM
RF power 37dBm
Channel bandwidth 1.4/3/5/10/20MHz
Transmission mode full duplex
Transmission distance Air-to-Ground: 50Km, 80Km(Optional)
RF interface SMA*2
Interface TTL*1, network (T+, T-, R+, R-)*2, 
power supply DC24-25V
Power consumption 18W
Size specification 102*52*21.5 mm
Weight 130g
System list
Transceivers *2
Airborne Antennas (length 320mm) *2
Ground end Antenna(length 1200mm) *2
Power Cord *2
On-board Feeders (according to the actual length) *2
Ground Feeders (according to the actual length)