Tdd-Ofdm Wireless Nlos 80km Transmission Distance Date Image Stream Minitransmitter System

Key Features
  • Point to point and point to multipoint broadband and transparent data transmission equipment.
  • OFDM (Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiplexing).
  • MIMO (Multi-Input & Multi-Output), SDR (Software Defined Radio) and other technologies.
  • Supports multiple bandwidth allocation (1.4/3/5/10/20MHz)
  • Application: UAV, robot image data transmission
  1. Multi-service interface: 2 Ethernet ports, 3 RS232 serial ports, 1 audio input/output port.
  2. Automatic frequency hopping within the frequency band, frequency band scanning to avoid interference.
  3. 3/5/10/20MHz wireless bandwidth, all nodes share the working bandwidth, and the maximum sharing rate of the system is 30Mbps.
  4. The system automatically adapts to the QPSK/QAM16/QAM64 modulation method.
  5. Networking mode: point-to-point, point-to-multipoint star networking, Mesh networking (customized).
  6. Support to specify center, child node or choose center node independently. Support sub-nodes for transit transmission through the central node.
  7. Multicast and broadcast. Supports up to 16 child nodes.
  8. Real-time detection of reception level status/antenna calibration
  9. Real-time scanning of site frequency bands and channel detection
  10. Access authentication is available to prevent illegal access. Support user-defined encryption, support AES128 encryption and decryption.
  11. High receiving sensitivity, up to -103 at 10MHz bandwidth.
  12. Device configuration and working status can be viewed through the web UI or serial port.
  13. Low power consumption, the average power consumption of video transmitter is less than 22W, and the average power consumption of video receiver is less than 16W.
Technical parameters
Model SV-D937LA80
Working frequency 806-826MHz/1428-14480MHz
Modulation mode TDD-OFDM
RF power 37dBm
Channel bandwidth 3/5/10/20MHz
Transmission mode full duplex
Transmission distance Air to ground: 80 km
RF interface SMA*2
Data interface RS232*3, network (T+, T-, R+, R-)*1, RJ45*1, audio input and output*1
Power supply DC24-25V
Power consumption 22W
Size specification 103.4*61.4*22 mm
Weight 142g
System list
Transceivers *2
Airborne Antennas (length 320mm) *2
Ground end Antenna(length 1200mm) *2
Power Cord *2
On-board Feeders (according to the actual length) *2
Ground Feeders (according to the actual length) *2