Product overview
Model No. Matrix video System
Decoding format H.264/H.265
Decoding performance 9MP and below pixels
Video output range 1 screen - 144 screen
Maximum number of screen splits per screen 16 CH D1
Video output interface HDMI
Audio output interface 3.5MM HEADPHONE JACK(optional)
Video output resolution 1366*768 / 1280*1024 / 1920*1080 / 3840*2160
Single-screen (card) decoding 1CH 8MP / 4CH 3MP / 9CH 2MP / 16CH D1
Access to off-site network video The local access bandwidth is 1000 megabytes, and each remote terminal needs to be configured with an IPG5 intelligent gateway
Characteristic With network stitching function, Is no need to dock professional splicing screen control protocol, Generally, TVs or monitors with HDMI interfaces can be spliced, Signals can be windowed, superimposed, stretched, roamed, spunned, zoomed, or displayed in picture-in-picture per screen anywhere on the screen

Detailed parameters
Model 8MP-16D4 8MP-16D6 8MP-16D8 8MP-16D9
HDMI output 4 6 8 9
Model 8MP-16D12 8MP-16D16 8MP-16D10 8MP-16D15
HDMI output 12 16 10 15
Output resolution 3840*2160@30Hz / 1920*1080@60Hz / 50Hz / 1366*768@60Hz
Number of connected network cameras 1000 network cameras with 8MP and below
Decoding (single card) 1 screen = 8MP and below pixels; 4 screen = 3MP and below pixels
9 screen = 2MP and below pixels; 16 screen = D1 and below pixels
External interface
Network interface 1 RJ45 100M/1000MBPS adaptive Ethernet port
USB interface 1
Online upgrade Network online upgrade through management platform software or upgrade tools
Displays the responsiveness Switching from camera A to camera B shows a speed of less than 1S
Control responsiveness 1S
Power supply 220V
Power consumption ≤160W
Chassis volume STANDARD 4U CHASSIS: 430*300*178MM
Package volume 600*415*280
Packaging gross weight 8.5KG
Operating temperature -10°C-55°C
Operating humidity 10%-90%