Thermal Imaging Surveillance Network Module Detector Pitch: 17um Cylindrical Camera

  • Leading image processing technology: Adaptive AGC, DDE, 3D DNR, NETD < 50mk (@25°C, F#=1.0)
  • Smart tracking: Panorama tracking, Event tracking and Multi-scene patrol tracking
  • Smart tracking linkage: thermal view and optical view
  • Powerful behavior analysis algorithm: Line crossing, Intrusion, Region Entrance & Exit
  • Reliable temperature exception alarm function
  • Advanced fire detection algorithm
  • 384*288 resolution, high sensitivity sensor, support contrast adjustment
  • Support shutter adjustment in various modes
  • 3D DNR, 12 palettes of color adjustable, image detail enhancement
  • IP66 Standard; TVS 6000V Lightning Protection, Surge Protection and Voltage Transient Protection

Model SV-TI384-DM10 SV-TI384-DM15
Name Thermal Imaging Cylindrical Camera
Infrared movement parametes 
Infrared movement sensor type Vanadium Oxide Uncooled Focal Plane Arrays
Maximum image size 384*288
Pixel 17μm
Response band 8~14μm
Noise equivalent temperature difference < 50mk(@25°C,F#=1.0)
Focal length 10mm 15mm
Detection distance(m) Person:1.8m*0.5m  Car:1.4m*4.0m Person:1.8m*0.5m  Car:1.4m*4.0m
Detection vehicle: 866 Detection vehicle: 1353 
Detective person: 282 Detective person: 441 
Identify cars: 216  Identities: 71 Identifiy car: 338  Identities: 110 
Identification car: 108  Identifier: 35 Identification car: 169 Identifier: 55 
Viewing angle 36°*27° 39.9°*32.4°
Fvalue 1
Palette black hot / white hot / iron red / rainbow and other pseudo-color (a total of 12 models)
Networking protocol IPv4/IPv6,HTTP,HTTPS,802.1x,Qos,FTP,SMTP,UPnP,SNMP,DNS,
Preview the number of video simultaneously Up to 20 channels
User permission Up to 32 users, divided into three levels: administrators, operators and ordinary users
Safe mode Authorized user name and password, MAC address binding;
HTTPS encryption; IEEE 802.1x network access control, IP address filtering
Video compression standard H.264/MJPEG/MPEG4
ADPCM G .711u/G.711a/G.722.1/MP2L2/G726/AAC/PCM
Maximum image size 384×288
Video output PAL/NTSC
Sub-stream image 50Hz:25fps(384×288),60Hz:30fps(384×288)
Function fire detection Support
Smart tracking Various tracking methods, such as panoramic tracking, event tracking, and so on, support multi scene cruise tracking function
Smart video support network off function to ensure that the video is not lost
Smart alarem Support network break, IP address conflict, memory full, memory error, illegal access to abnormal detection and linkage alarm function
Smart detection
Zone intrusion detection, cross-border detection, access toregional detection, leaving the area detection, audio anomaly detection
System integration
Audio input 1 audio input (LINE_IN input, MIC input), audio peak: 2-2.4V [p-p],
Audio output 1channel audio output, linear level, impedance: 600Ω
Communication interface 1 RJ45 10M / 100M adaptive Ethernet port, an RS-485 interface
Alarm input 1channel
Alarm output 2channel
Video output 1.0V[p-p] / 75Ω,PAL or NTSC,BNC head
Storage interface Built-in Micro SD card slot, support Micro SD / SDHC / SDXC card (maximum support 64G), can support manual recording / alarm video
Generic specification
Temperature and humidity -40ºC-60ºC,humidity less than 90%
Protection level IP66, TVS 6000V lightning protection, anti-surge, anti-surge, in line with GB / T17626.5 four standard
Power supply AC24V
Power consumption 8W(Open the lens to heat the de icing 25W max)
Size(mm) 360×140×135
Weight 2.7kg

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